Mystical Initiation: The Mer-Ka-Bah (Your Light Body Vehicle) StarreCarr

Your Inter-dimensional SpaceShip.

This is My Formal “Initation”for any and all that read this Intro To My Site and how My Process and Business Began. Maybe you know Some or more than I do on this subject if so feel free to share with me your knowledge. Some would Call it an Initiation into the Ancient Mysteries. Which is an Amazing thing. But this is an INITIATION into the TRUTH. People need to know this information in the coming age to enhance, transition thru and enjoy life to their best ability. And the Human Ability to Achieve is Limitless!

There are many different ways and forms of “Initiation” and not all of them are exceptionally pleasant seeing as its an Ongoing effort on your Part and you are Bound To fall and scrape your knee sometimes, Diligence in and of Your Efforts into Deeper and Deeper Meanings of Self and Consciousness is for each Person to come into meaning.


For me this Wasn’t necessarily asked for. Being an Insatiable Philosopher and Quantum Theorist I always Had a deep clench in me that wanted, yearned and burned for spiritual Truths and Metaphysical understandings of Ancient wisdom’s, teachings and Relics and always had me Looking Upwards to the Skies 4 many days. Being a Normal construction worker that happened to Dabble in Ancient hidden Truths, Secret “Esoteric” Agendas of the Earth and Quantum Metaphysical Philosophy of the 5th Dimensional Earth Age We are coming into and Already A PART OF ,my Mind was a Speck of Sand awash in a Sea of Half-Truths, Falsified&Fortified Truth, Perceptual Truths etc. but Aye, I always sought Higher and Higher for Ultimate Truth.  Truth be most called Me a Stoner Conspiracy Theorist. I did not and still do not mind. Though when I was 21 I did not even understand those words that described my fascination nor would I be able to even get that across to you. I Just Knew it. (In a State of Gnosis)


TRUTH is the highest Grade threat in Today’s Society. Separating yet Binding all People. Most will Scoff and run back for the Veils of Ignorance to be Replaced when One Sees thru The Veil and You “See” Your True Potential. You Are a Body of Light Encapsulated Inside an Earthly Vehicle. (The Shadow of  Light that is Your Skin). That which Separates You from The ALL is casting a Shadow on Your Light. You are a Holy Angel in a stae of Higher Consciousness The Mer-Ka-Ba! I preferrably refer to mine as a MerKaBah in accordance to my Highest Power but there are Many Partitions and Particulations of the “Chariot of Fire” that Is your Body and Bio-Mechanical Engine. The Angel of Light and Love.

“You ARE A 5-Dimensional Light BEing Being Carried Thru The Universe In a 3-Dimensional Earth Body”


You Are a Starre (Carbon Ether) Bound (Fire&Water) To A Mountain (Earth) Flying Across  The Sky (Air). As the Emerald tablets Say, “Growing Ever Upwards In Soul Force” Reaching for Oneness! When they Say the Truth Will Set You Free it means many things. But one very important one is that You Will Free Yourself of the Cage that is Your Body and Mind! Now I Specifically Say this to Try my best to Make your Ascension a SMOOTH and Joyous One. I Myself have seen small pits of Hell but HUGE pathways To Heaven. Though I can do only little While I Have Your Focus & Attention Now,  BE A POSTIVE LIFELIGHT FORCE Once Your Done Reading This 4ever and ALWAY Noone can guide but You Through this Eternal Cosmic Quest. Life will not be the Same after this. I guarantee it. It is Not a mistake you were drawn to reading this. It is Destiny.  You may realize the effects immediately or Overtime. Time Tells all Truth Tells All in Time.

{As Above So Below, So Below As Above. As Within is Without, is Without As Within.}

It is referred to as the Star of David By Many Contemporary ideologists that refer to the MerKaBa today but very specifically it is a Star TetraHedron and it just so happens that Our Divine Creators name is TetraGrammaTon. a 5D Starre! Two Inverted MorphoEnergetic TortionFields that are Pyramids

Trans-mutative LIGHTVORTEX’s     star-tetrahedron


You have an ElectroMagnetic Tortion Field that is technically an invisible force that surrounds you whereever You Are. a Marriage, if you will, of Positive and Negative Life Force energy. Divine Feminine and Masculine, Pro-trusive and Receptive (- = + ) Some call it an Aura but it is Much more complicated than that.If you dont know much about Synergy, Torroidiol Flow and Etheric Motion Ill try to put up a couple links but after this is over Your Learning is up to You. E=MC^2 This TetraHedron StarSeed of Life is Magnetically and Consciously connected to everything around you if we were just AWARE and AWAKE to the FACT of this Simple but hard to grasp Truth.



person-in-mkbStar of Life.jpgplatonic-solids

All the Shapes, Colors and Order of these images are important. The Mere platonic Sacred Geometrical Solids have extensive energies and Force I have literally not even began to tap into. I just Recieved my Platonic Solids in the Mail today Made out of Lapis Lazuli which was the MerKaBah Throne material of Yah and his Angels in Ezekial 1:1merkaba-spiritmerkaba-3d-view


There is Much Much More To be said and Seen for I have only touched lightly on these Truths Myself. I was meditation one night and this Facebook link to a PDF file said it was meant for me. and I Believe this is Meant for You. if One Person Reads this it Wont Be in Vain. I had no clue what to think When I first read the File 3 1/2 Years ago but my life forever changed after that. in some Ways good and Some not So Good. This information comes with a hefty weight, Mind You Aye Say! You are a Source Energy in A Cosmic Car, (StarCarr)There are at least 12 Dimensional Levesl of Reality &  7 Aspectations or Emanation of Heaven from the Cosmic Bodies and 4 Spherical Spiritual and Earthly Realms that are in a Steadfast Unionized Coalition. I Am no longer satisfied with a 3dimensional Reality and go forth and poineer into New Realities and Life Formations. 5D GAEA (CrystAl Seed Starre You Universally ARRE yet Bound To Your Carbon Star in Eternal Fire)


This is a Mystical Principle but I do not want to Confuse you this is Very Tangible and Real yet invisible to some, it is not any form of imagination. in No respect to the Lord or Any God-Like Beings this is True. This is Merely Truth of Light inverted inwards and outwardly expanding in  and out of LOVE ever upward.


Very basically afterwards I Learned this Cosmic Purpose and Understanding I Came to understand that my Body is a temple and needed to be treated as such. The Golden Rule is Love One Another as You Love Thyself. very quickly I came to realize many and most of us are at fault at even the ability to even Love Yourself yet constantly seeking it in others. So my first mission was Extreme Self Love. Which did expand outwardly into everything I did and created. We Must first learn to Truly Love and Be True to Thyself before We can be of Any Good To Anyone else.

if anything REMEMBER: Law, Light, Life, Love, Liberty

Cosmic Principles to Always help guide and encourage

This is some Great Sacred music that will Activate Parts of Your being,


BE Well and Namaste Brethren and Sisters of the Universe. if you Made it to the End of this StateMent. You are at Your GENESIS! OM!


3 thoughts on “Mystical Initiation: The Mer-Ka-Bah (Your Light Body Vehicle) StarreCarr”

    1. Ha! I was awakened at 21 to the MER•KA•BAH , I am now working on (BO)

      Thanks I give you Love,Light Appreciation & Gratitude to Your Kind Words.

      Be Blessed & Be Love!


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